To record and analyse the ECGs, a standard 3 channel VCG system was combined with 3 single-channel electrocardiographic amplifiers and a multi-channel analogue tape recorder linked to a small PDP8 digital converter, allowing ECGs to be replayed from the tape recorder to the computer. An ECG database was accumulated in analogue form then converted to digital.

Peter Macfarlane

"We are always looking for ways to improve interpretations based on experience. Believe it or not, the definition of a heart attack keeps changing from a clinical point of view"

In the early 1970s, portable units were assembled which could be transported to wards and clinics easily on a trolley.

The Glasgow Program is now used globally by some of the world’s leading electro-medical device manufacturers and has been continually improved since its initial development. It is estimated that 20 million patients a year worldwide come into contact with the technology.

The Glasgow diagnostic criteria have also significantly influenced international guidelines for diagnosing a heart attack from the ECG.