In 1894, Takamine applied for and was granted a patent entitled “Process of making diastatic enzyme” (U.S. Patent No.525,823) on his method of growing mould on bran and using aqueous alcohol to extract amylase. It was the first patent on a microbial enzyme in the USA. He recognized that the diastatic properties of the Aspergillus enzyme had potential medical applications and he licensed his enzyme preparation to Parke, Davis & Company of Detroit, Michigan, one of the largest US pharmaceutical companies, under the brand name 'Taka-diastase'.

Soseki Natsume

"Since he (the protagonist) had a weak stomach, his skin was a light yellow and showed symptoms of losing its elasticity. And yet he kept on eating, after which he would drink Taka-Diastase and crack open a book."

In 1900, Takamine filed a patent application, entitled “Glandular extractive product” on a blood pressure raising principle. He named the crystalline substance 'Adrenalin' and applied for and was awarded the right to use the word as a USA trademark. Almost immediately, Parke, Davis started manufacturing the product and selling it under the trade name of Adrenalin.

The discovery of adrenalin was a medical and popular sensation. The drug transformed surgery, where it was used to control hemorrhage. Adrenalin also found uses in cardiology, obstetrics, and the treatment of asthma and other allergies.