Five greats of the 20th century

  • Donald Robertson

    One of the leading industrial relations experts of his day, with Alec Cairncross, he pioneered multi-disciplinary social and economic research. Find out more

  • Dictol Group

    In the late 1950s George Urquhart, William Mulligan, Frank Jennings, William Jarrett and Ian McIntyre, all members of staff at the Glasgow Veterinary School, developed the world's first vaccine against the lung worm parasite in cattle. Find out more

  • Ian Donald

    An outstanding obstetrician and inventor of the first diagnostic ultrasound machine. Find out more

  • Edwin Morgan

    Widely recognised as one of the foremost Scottish poets of his generation, he was the first Poet Laureate for Glasgow and National Poet for Scotland. Find out more

  • Monteath Robertson

    The founder of organic crystallography. Find out more