The World Changing concept originated with Vice-Principal Professor Peter Holmes who recognised that the Twentieth Century achievements of Glasgow's staff and alumni should be more widely acknowledged.

Professor Holmes, assisted by University Archivist Lesley Richmond, formed a group consisting of senior professors from each of the Colleges. Sir Laurie Hunter compiled information for Social Sciences, Jan MacDonald for the Arts, Margaret Reid and Peter Holmes for Veterinary, Medical and Life Sciences and David Saxon for Science and Engineering. The Group undertook extensive consultation among current and retired staff to draw up a list of names and achievements for further research. This site is the culmination of 2 years work to assign world changing status to the first 102 achievements and 118 people appearing here.

The website, database and content management system have been designed and developed by Brian Aitken of the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII). Supporting research and data editing was undertaken by University Archive staff. The generous support of the Chancellor's Fund is acknowledged in the creation of this site.

For this initial phase of research it was decided to limit to the Twentieth Century only. This was to allow the passage of time for more recent achievements to be suitably assessed and to ease the historical research workload from pervious centuries. It is recognised that this list is not exhaustive and that recent achievements and those from the Fifteenth to the Nineteenth centuries have not yet been included.

Those wishing to nominate for consideration for inclusion in future updates of this website are encouraged to complete and send this form to the University Archivist in the first instance.

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