Fellow of the Royal Society

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An award bestowed on the most eminent scientists, engineers and technologists from the UK and the Commonwealth.

Awarded by Royal Society


The following people are associated with this Honour:

Archibald Barr
A world leading inventor and businessman.

Sir Derek Barton
A Nobel prize winning chemist, whose work on the concept of conformation in chemistry was groundbreaking.

Dame (Susan) Jocelyn Bell Burnell
An internationally acclaimed astronomer, honoured for her discovery of pulsars.

Sir James Black
A Nobel prizewinning pharmacologist whose invention of beta blockers was hailed as one of the most important drug discoveries of the century.

Richard Cogdell
An acclaimed botanist who, with chemist Neil Isaacs, conducted seminal research into the structure and function of bacterial reaction centres and light-harvesting complexes.

Sir Samuel Crowe Curran
An exceptional physicist whose inventions were used in laboratories all over the world.

Robert Geoffrey Edwards
A Nobel prize-winning biologist who pioneered in vitro fertilisation.

Walter Elliot
Member of the British Cabinet 1932-1940.

Malcolm Ferguson-Smith
A celebrated geneticist whose work on gene mapping has shaped our understanding of human evolution.

Bill Jarrett
An acclaimed veterinary scientist who discovered the viral cause of feline leukaemia and who was one of the team who created the first commercial vaccine for a parasitic disease in cattle.

Robert Thomson Leiper
The father of modern helminthology.

Sir William Boog Leishman
A celebtrated bacteriologist, he discovered the cause of the disease later named Leishmaniasis.

Joseph Lister Baron Lister
The surgeon who transformed operating practice with his system of antiseptic surgery.

Sir William Macewen
The pioneering surgeon who undertook the first successful removal of a brain tumour.

Sheina Marshall
A major figure in British biological oceanography, she was one of the first women to be made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

John Boyd Orr Baron Boyd Orr of Brechin
A Nobel prize winning nutritionist and physiologist, who led pioneering studies in the nutition of farm animals and human populations.

Guido Pontecorvo
A ground breaking geneticist who established the fungus Aspergillus nidulans as a conventient genetical tool and who discovered and patented the 'Parasexual cycle'.

Sir William Ramsay
A Nobel prizewinning chemist who discovered the inert gaseous elements in air and determined their place in the periodic system.

J Monteath Robertson
The founder of organic crystallography.

Muriel Robertson
A noted zoologist who made key discoveries of the life cycle of Trypanosomes.

Frederick Soddy
A Nobel prizewinning chemist, honoured for his discovery of isotopes.

Sir William Thomson Baron Kelvin of Largs
The University of Glasgow's most eminent physicist, honoured in many countries for his numerous inventions.

Sir Alexander Todd Baron Todd of Trumpington
A Nobel prizewinning chemist, honoured for his research on nucleotides and nucleotide co-enzymes.

Keith Vickerman
An acclaimed zoologist who was first to demonstrate the existence of variable surface antigen types in metacyclic trypanosomes.

Sir Alwyn Williams
A prominent geologist who discovered silica and phosphate biominerals in brachiopod shells.