Légion d'honneur

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The Légion d'honneur or Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur (National Order of the Legion of Honour) is a French order established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. The President of the French Republic appoints members on the advice of the Government.

Awarded by President of the French Republic


The following people are associated with this Honour:

Sir Derek Barton
A Nobel prize winning chemist, whose work on the concept of conformation in chemistry was groundbreaking.

Sir David Henderson
A forward thinking army officer who is credited with being the 'Father of the Royal Air Force'.

Sir William Ramsay
A Nobel prizewinning chemist who discovered the inert gaseous elements in air and determined their place in the periodic system.

Sir William Thomson Baron Kelvin of Largs
The University of Glasgow's most eminent physicist, honoured in many countries for his numerous inventions.