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Matthew Cartmell


An acclaimed engineer who has developed technology which could revolutionise space rocket propulsion systems.

Connection to the University of Glasgow: Professor

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The following achievement is associated with Matthew Cartmell:

Developing the groundbreaking concept of Motorised Momentum Exchange Tether for Spaceflight
This system which works on the principle of momentum transfer coupled to orbital mechanics is revolutionising space rocket propulsion.


Professor Matthew P. Cartmell held the James Watt Chair of Mechanical Engineering until September 2012 when he became the Chair of Nonlinear Mechanics at the University of Sheffield.

While at the University of Glasgow he lead three long-term research projects on: (1) the Motorised Momentum Exchange Space Tether for spaceflight, (2) the development of Symbolic Computational Dynamics, and (3) the use of smart active elements within rotating machines and structures for motion control.

He has worked in the areas of nonlinear structural dynamics and machines since graduating PhD from Edinburgh University in 1984, and has held a large number of EPSRC, Royal Society, EC, and British Council grants in these areas. He has authored and co-authored many papers, book chapters, and a research textbook. Matthew Cartmell's current research interests comprise computational technologies for analytical solution to problems in nonlinear vibrations (at the heart of the burgeoning research area of Symbolic Computational Dynamics), the dynamics and design of space tether propulsion systems, the dynamics and control of gantry cranes, parallel robotic manipulator dynamics, and smart structures and machines.