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R Gordon Hemingway

Animal Scientist

A prominent animal scientist who, with James Parkins and Norman Ritchie, developed the first intra-ruminal bolus for cattle to prevent mineral deficiencies.

Connection to the University of Glasgow: Professor

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The following achievement is associated with R Gordon Hemingway:

Preventing mineral deficiencies in cattle
Rumen boluses, designed to lie in the reticulum of ruminant animals, can supply vital dietary elements or drugs to cattle and sheep without the need for daily supplementation in feeds.


Reginald Gordon Hemingway was an animal scientist who held the Chair of Animal Husbandry from 1969-1990. He began working at the University in 1953 when he joined the Department of Chemistry. In 1960 he moved to the Department of Animal Husbandry at the Vet School in 1960 and spent the rest of his career there.

With colleagues Norman Ritchie and James Parkins he designed the first slow-released intra-ruminal boluses to prevent mineral deficiencies in cattle. Their device was patented by the University of Glagow and remains the only bolus that supplies a sustained dietary supplement of all seven trace elements and the three fat soluble vitamins required by ruminant animals. Many millions of these products have been sold worldwide.