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Gavin Kenny

Born 31 January 1948.

A prominent anaesthetist, who developed the first commercially available computer-assisted anaesthetic delivery system.

Connection to the University of Glasgow: Lecturer, Professor
GU Degrees: BSc, MB ChB, MD,

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The following achievement is associated with Gavin Kenny:

Developing a pump for delivery of anaesthesia during surgery – the Diprifusor® target-controlled infusion (TCI)
The Diprifusor® target-controlled infusion allowed direct control of a specific drug's concentration within a patient during surgery.


Gavin Nicolson Cleghorn Kenny (1948-)was Professor of Anaesthesia from 1996-2007. Prior to this he was Lecturer in Anaesthesia from 1977 and became Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in 1984.

Kenny was educated at Hutchesons' Boys' Grammar School before matriculating at the University in 1965 to study medicine. He received an intercalated BSc (honours) degree in physiology in 1970 and a MBChB in 1972. Following junior House Officer posts in Stirling, from 1973-1976 he was Senior House Officer then the Registrar of Anaesthesia at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. He completed his MD in 1982 on 'The application of microcomputers to Anaethesia and Intensive Care'. In the ensuing years he explored pracical applications of computer technology to anaesthetic practice.

Kenny was appointed as Head of Anaesthesia at Health Care International, Clydebank, in 1993 but returned to the Medical School in 1996 to take up the chair of Anaesthesia in the Glasgow Department, retiring in 2007.

Among his many achievements Kenny developed a pump for the delivery of anaesthesia during surgery called the Diprifuser target-controlled infusion (TCI) which was launched in 1996.

He was a founding member and committee member of the UK Society of Intravenous Anaesthesia and President from 2002-2006.