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Roger Scott

Born 1941.

A renowned nuclear physicist who was responsible for the first successful delicensing of a nuclear reactor in the UK.

Connection to the University of Glasgow: Professor

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The following achievement is associated with Roger Scott:

Decommissioning of a Nuclear Reactor for the first time
This successful decommissioning and delicensing of a nuclear reactor was achieved by returning the entire site to brown field status.


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Roger Davidson Scott (1941 - ) was Professor of Nuclear Science at the University from 1995 to 1998.

Scott attended Anderson Institute, Lerwick and then studied at the University of Edinburgh. He graduated BSc with first class honours and was awarded a PhD on Nuclear Physics. He worked at the University of Edinburgh for three years as a University Demonstrator and then became a lecturer there in 1968.

In 1988, Scott was appointed Depute Director of the Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre and became Director in 1991. He was appointed to a personal professorship of Nuclear Science by the University of Glasgow in 1995.

He was a key figure in securing the funding to initiate the decommissioning of the Scottish Research Reactor Centre in 2005. It was Britain's first nuclear reactor for training and research and was shared by Scotland's five universities and Queen's University, Belfast.

Scott is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He has been a Non-executive Director of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority since 2004.