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The following achievements are associated with this Sphere of Influence:

Creating the first peer-reviewed journal specifically devoted to the economic, political and social policy systems of the Soviet Union
The peer-reviewed academic Journal, Soviet Studies, was launched in 1949 to critical acclaim.

Developing and applying multi-disciplinary social and economic research
Alec Cairncross and Donald Robertson used their expertise and vision to create an multi-disciplinary academic department which led the way in applied socio-economic research, especially in the field of urban and regional planning.

Extending and renewing interest in Adam Smith (1723-1790)
A work of great skill and dedication taking over 25 years to complete, the seven volumes of The Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith were published by Oxford University Press between 1976 and 1987.

Founding modern economics
Adam Smith is widely cited as the father of modern economics and over 200 years after his death, he is still among the most influential thinkers in the field of economics today.

Influencing policy towards the Soviet Union
Alec Nove had a significant role in advising successive British Ambassadors to the Soviet Union and in changing British Government policy towards the Soviet Union in the early 1980s.