Read instructions on how to use the Timeline


You may browse an interactive timeline of University of Glasgow world changing events within the context of major events in world history. Use the timeline to find out which world changing events were taking place at the university during which year or decade. From a specific event you can access an associated world changing article, biographies of people, images and more.

Timeline Basics

  • The timeline is split into three sections.
  • The top section contains events relating to University of Glasgow world changing achievements.
  • Each event has a category icon and you can find out what this refers to by looking in the Filter by Category section beneath the timeline.
  • The top section has vertical lines representing one year, and the year can be found at the bottom of this section. Find out when an event took place by its location in relation to the vertical lines.
  • The middle section contains world events to provide context for the University of Glasgow events.
  • Vertical lines in the middle section correspond to decades, but the scale is the same as for the top section.
  • The bottom section provides a compact overview of the University of Glasgow events.
  • Vertical lines in the bottom section correspond to decades.
  • The blue lines in the bottom section represent University of Glasgow events.
  • The light grey box shows which period of time is currently being displayed in the top section.

Scrolling through the timeline

  • Click and hold the Left mouse button in a timeline section, then move the mouse left or right to display an earlier or later section of the timeline.
  • Doing this in the bottom section will move the timeline at a faster rate.
  • When your mouse cursor is over a section of the timeline you may also use the scroll wheel of your mouse (if it has one) to move the timeline left and right.
  • If you click the background of a section you may then also use your keyboard's left and right arrow keys to scroll the timeline.
  • You may also double-click a section of the timeline to jump to it.

Viewing Events in the Timeline

  • When you find an event you are interested in, click the left-hand mouse button on the event icon or the event text
  • A box will open that contains information about the event:
    • The event title
    • The date the event took place
    • The category / categories associated with the event
    • A brief description of the event
    • A link to an article about the relevant world changing achievement
  • Click on the link or the event title to read the article about the achievement.
  • To close the event box, click on the blue 'x' in the top right corner of the box or click anywhere outside of the box.

Filtering and Highlighting the Events

  • Beneath the timeline there are a number of options.
  • Type text into the Filter by Phrase box to limit the timeline events to only those containing the text you supply.
  • Type text into the Highlight Phrase box to highlight events containing the text you supply with a yellow border.
  • Clear a filter or highlight by removing the text for the appropraite box, or by pressing the Clear All button.
  • Limit the Timeline to only display events of a certain category by clicking on the category name in the Filter by Category section.
  • Note that some events have multiple categories therefore the category icon that is displayed in the timeline may not correspond to the category you have selected
  • To display all events again either click on the All option or click the Clear All button.