Officer of the British Empire (OBE)

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Officer is a grade of the Order of the British Empire and is awarded by the British Monarch on the advice of the Government.

Awarded by British Monarch


The following people are associated with this Honour:

Dorothy Geddes
A pioneering dental surgeon, she was the first woman to hold a chair in dentistry in any UK University.

Sheina Marshall
A major figure in British biological oceanography, she was one of the first women to be made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Anne McAllister
A pioneering speech therapist, she was one of the founders of the profession in the UK.

Frances Melville
A noted suffragist and campaigner for women's rights to higher education, she was the first women to graduate with a Bachelor of Theology degree from a Scottish University.

Edwin Morgan
Widely recognised as one of the foremost Scottish poets of his generation, he was the first Poet Laureate for Glasgow and Scot Makar from 2004-2010.