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Anne McAllister

Speech Therapist and Teacher
Born 29 November 1892, Biggar, Scotland.
Died 5 April 1983.

A pioneering speech therapist, she was one of the founders of the profession in the UK.

Connection to the University of Glasgow: Alumnus
GU Degrees: MA, 1917; BEd, 1924; DSc, 1937;

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Development of speech therapy
Anne McAllister was a pioneer and international leader in the development of speech therapy.


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Anne Hutcheson McAllister (1892-1983) was a graduate of the University who became a Principal Lecturer at Jordanhill College of Education and a leading speech therapist.

After graduating MA in 1917, McAllister trained as a teacher at Stow College and was appointed Lecturer in Phonetics there in 1919, and subsequently at the teacher training college at Jordanhill. She gained her BEd in 1924.

She established the Glasgow School of Speech Therapy in 1935 (she was Director until 1964) and in 1936 started a speech clinic at the dispensary at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, for children who had undergone operations for cleft palates and hare lips. In 1937, she gained her DSc. She was one of the founders of the College of Speech Therapists in London in 1945.

McAllister was awarded an OBE in 1954.